Saturday, November 3, 2012


Pretty Toes! Hello Kitty & jewels to boot!

I am so excited! How many times have I said that one?LOL! By Request I am doing a mini Blog! THis is where I will tell you about my day! We all have those days...

I was planning on waring my toenails shown up there but it's rainy men outside! SO Rain boots it is! I am all snuggled in cozy...with my 2 Bombshell shirts on! Yes, I do own other brands but hey I love what I love! Bailey my 8 year old has a practice Gymnastics meet, Lindsey my oldest may have to have her 2nd surgery on her elbow so she is doing practice without using any arms!

Brandon went to soccer...of course today and Bradley just wasn't in the mood! As for me...still doing the moving and organizing on top of doing some major events! 

Thank you to all that have been with me throughout the last year! THings are crazy but fun! Now I need to somehow put all this energy into a focus area!lol Me Focus...Now that wouldn't be fun!

CONGRATS TO Sherry who WON the NAKED2 Palette!

Just started a new series of videos called the 7 days of Giving! That's a hint... check em out! xoxo 


Is that your makeup?


Do to an Overwhelming response our sweet little piles of Goodies found some Beautiful homes! As much as i would love to keep Posting Items I feel the rest of my Makeup besides very high end which I will put up here along with the WEN...Which I 'm having a deal where you pick 2 biggies or 3 smalls for $100 shipped includes styling cream and finishing Pomegranate balm. THis is my sons business ...he is 11 and he is selling almost at his cost with the shipping and packing materials.

THis is not even the Beginning of the Shoeathon!

WEN by Chaz Dean Special deal for you!
Heather Marianna Designed "Beauty Kitchen"Couture Apron

HERE is a small taste of what is to come from my BOMBSHELL LINE! Check out www.IMAWEARCLOTHING.COM
The Shopper in me loves this Bombshell Shirt!

Not only are these Stunning They Really Work!
I will however be doing a SPECIAL edition of SHOES of the day! THe only time these puppies will ever have been worn is to model them and do That CRAZY BOMBSHELL TEST! YEP...THe Booty shake! THey will be up SUPER Soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Thanks for your support!

This Crazy Bombshell has no idea how to HAVE aSALE! THings are a changing already!

I will be selling in lots! Much easier on everyone and the deals are HUGE! Please check back later for more info.! 

THe FERGIE Nails include:20 for $63.00 shipped ALL BRAND NEW!
Please let me know how you all want these bundled!
DINAIR Airbrush complete system! Used 1x includes everything pictured! $175.00 Shipped

Complete ULTA & Other brands WHole Lot:$78



TO PURCHASE THESE SHIRTS PLEASE CHECK OUT :www.IMAWEAR.COM It's SO EASY to Buy! Until my Website is up Deb is kind enough to allow all my Beauties to Buy these fashions at her Website!


Is this NOT BEAUTIFUL?Original Kiss Me Bombshell!
Original Kiss Me Haters!

Bombshell Shopping Look:HOT BAG & HOT LIPS!

It's HERE! The mini launch of the New "Bombshell"Apparel Line!

Deb the CEO and Creative Designer put her "designing cap" & I accidently bumped into this creative genius! Best part besides everything about this collision?

She & I are bringing you the exclusive "Bombshell" Line to you! If you think these are cute in the pics wait until you see them on! SO ADORABLE! Even the purse opens!

Don't tell anyone but guess what...we are doing aGiveaway! I will have the video up about it in the next few days! Between  Being a MOMMY of 4! CA sale, Halloween,I'm doing my best to keep up!

Of course the Original Bombshell Rhinestone tank is still for sale! That puppy is here to stay! I LUV it so much!

Check out all of Deb's designs

She is the only AUTHORIZED online seller!Please don't accept copy cats!

Monday, October 29, 2012


This is just a  tiny glimps of the  brands I have also MAC YSL DIOR MUFE TARTE
HEY BEAUTIES! Here is the Beginning of my California Adventure...well not beginning but I have too much stuff! I am   having a   Moving sale! Each day  I will list a few more items as I  do not have time to list all! If you are interested in any products.Please email me at: in the Heading Make sure to say: CA SALE so I  can get back to you ASAP! I used to sell on ebay but the prices are crazy now because of their fees! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT PRODUCTS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! I will give a DISCOUNT on Multiple products and also shipping. Payments can be made with a check  or through PayPal. Please tell all you know about this GREAT sale! I will be selling my shoes soon too! Clothes with tags as well! All High End!!! Once a deal is made please make payment within 3 days or let me  know if you decide to cancel. 
WEN by Chaz Dean:Available in 16 ounce or 32 ounce depending on flavor.
16 ounce:$26
32 ounce:$45
WEN by Chaz Dean Styling cream in matching Flavor
$13 w/ purchase $14 on own


Keurig K-cups Cream Vanilla NEW in boxsealed:$9

Other Flavors Available

Friday, June 1, 2012



 BACK By Popular Demand...

The Bombshell Rings are BACK!

Each Ring is hand molded & designed by me! I had put my rings on hold for a bit...but I am bringing them back to life!

I am in the process of making an "Official Bombshell " Ring to compliment the AMAZING NEW SHIRTS that are so adorable & sparkly! Thank you to CEO for her BEAUTIFUL products! I can't wait for you to see them!

 HELLO Kitty inspired sparkly pink is the original design & her little face just makes me smile!

Thanks Beauties for checking out the "Bombshell" vault! I would love to know your thoughts on creating a ring just for the AMAZING Beauties..that you are!

XOXO Sheri


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"BOMBSHELL Mini Giveaway" Supplements & Short Cuts To a Beautiful Summer Glow

TOO FACED:Glamour To Go Palette

"Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" Giveaway

How do I Enter?..Subscribe to Blog & Youtube Leave a Comment  Saying you would like to join Beauty Bootcamp either under the original "Bootcamp" video or the "Bombshell Beauty Bootcamp" Updates Which will be up ASAP!

I will be picking the winner on Saturday June 2nd!

Some of my Favorite Supplements & Multi-Taskers


Hey Bombshells..You asked & here they are!

Who doesn't want a beautiful glow,sparkling white teeth & lashes that go on for days?

Here are some of the supplements I take on a daily basis...Each one compliments the other & my main goal was the delivery system! 

Bombshell Fact:Over 90% of the clogged sewer system are vitamins that never have dissolved so in other words you literally ummm...flushed your money down the drain!

I'm Not a doctor but i play one at home..4 mommies know what I mean!

Each Supplement has a different way of absorbing: Sublingual..aka under tongue and other that dissolve in the tummy & intestines. Also, some actually go through skin!

My Favorites are:

Viviscal Hair Vitamins..taken 2x a day This is to help nourish the hair as it grows

Andrew Lessman: Hair Skin Nails, Digest Assure,Green Tea

These products have Biotin..Digestive Enzymes..& delis Green Tea All are simply Amazing! The tea is never bitter & you can even use this as a toner..we will get to that next time...

Trivita:Vitamin B12 w/Ginseng: This goes under the tongue and is effective as the shots

Fish Oil:This is great for everything...heart ,brain..which helps replenish your brain with healthy fats..this has claims that go for days!

There you have it Beauties..a few of my Favorite Supplements 

Make Sure to Leave a Comment on what topics you want to chat about.. we are still getting things organized.. The "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" is not just about how we's about that & so much more!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" Revamps the Favorite Food my 90% of the public! Let's go to Papa Johns...& My Gluten Free gals...I got your back too!

Is This What Pizza looks like? Original Papa Johns..about 300 Cal. a Slice

"BOMBSHELL BOOTY Camp Pizza"about 150 cal . a slice 

I ordered 2 pizzas from Papa Johns & I will show you how easy it is to "Bombshell Blast" it into a feast made for a "Bombshell Beauty"! 

A BIG Thank you to Papa Johns for not going crazy on me while I was placing my order!

This is just a glimpse of How The "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" is about...basically taking everything we love and doing little tweaks to make it more heart & figure friendly! Best part about it...I do all the WORK for you!
I am posting a short video to compliment this post as well...not the best lighting but just a description of what I did to switch up & "Bombshell Blast" that pizza!

"PAPA Bombshell"Pizza...

Large Thin Crust Veggie lovers....extra veggies...I even added broccoli its really yummy!
Extra Sauce
Other half has Cheese ,veggies & Grilled Chicken

Grab a "Bombshell" Salad....Recipes for dressing to come & you just had a heart healthy, figure friendly pizza that is so delicious!
BTW...Papa Johns had a Special 2 pizzas $20 I LOVE DEALS!
Please leave a comment on topics you are interested in! Make sure to join my many Giveaways that never make it to YOUTUBE!


                It's Almost June...What does that mean?

                  "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" 

    Welcome to the 1st  Annual "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp"!

You are about to become part of the most fabulous group of men,women & kids that are wanting to become the best "Bombshell" they can be!

As I am in the middle of writing my first book,which is so fun & exciting I have had so many requests on fitness,summer nutrition ,snacks and NEW ideas to get healthy in every aspect of ourselves....which means inside and out!

My Approach to life in the beauty,fitness and nutrition department will most likely be things that you have never seen or heard before...that's what makes it FUN and keeps you into it! 

I could sit here all day & tell you to walk a mile and drink some water but REALLY is that what you want?

Let me just start this whole thing off with last nights dinner...I did about a 2 min. video on it but since I'm here why not show you what it's about!

So,my Beauties...Now that you see what is brewing I will go ahead and start the very first "Bombshell Beauty Booty Boot Camp" Entry...and then I will get into all the details in days to come...make sure you check out the next entry...a little taste of what this "Boot Camp" is all about!
Cheers & Have a Bombshell Beauty Booty Day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Am I Not a Good Blogger?

Don't you make my Brown Eyes Blue...

Why oh Why am I a "Bad Blogger"?

I make a promise all the time saying I will "blog" everyday...well then something happens and it just doesn't happen!

You Beauties deserve a Woman that stands by her word!

From now on .... I will be a better blogger by showing you pictures, swatches and Beauty Breakdowns and absolutely the BEST Discounts and unique designers! I feel like I have let my faithful beauties down and I am extremely sorry about that! 

Now, that I apologized! Lets get started on getting this Blog up and running again! 

Make sure you tell your fellow beauties as I am going to be posting book news, work out news and how to make you the BEST you for summer!

Tomorrows BLOG will be about getting the BEST SUMMER BODY The "Bombshell Beauty" way! 

And NO...It will not start off by saying...Drink 8 glasses of water.....That is so 5 minutes ago...LOL!
But YOu really should!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lost But Not Forgotten ...Urban Decay Palettes

What in the World Happened to all of the Urban Decay Palettes?

Book of Shadows 4

     My Next Makeup Look I vow not to use my "Build Your Own" or "NAKED" Palettes!

I can remember when all we did was wait for Thursdays to come to see the latest MAC collection....
MAC was the end all be all and then came new brands that opened up this amazing  craft of painting on faces to change the way we look!

I love so many brands from CHANEL to Cover Girl that I have somehow have a LANDFILL of makeup! I promise myself I will go on a No know what I am talking lasts until you read your email...and see the latest at Sephora! 
It is amazing how all the trends go...from bold to natural to put makeup on to look like you don't have any on...never makes sense!
Yes, it does! I look at makeup as my time to be any kind of artist...although I am a perfectionist ...I have learned that it is ok to have sisters and not twins and to use bold colors but also be kind to out neutrals! 
I have had recently hit a huge "video block"where I don't like any thing I have taped..and now i realize makeup is fun and it is time to show you more fun!

I have over 1000 subbies now...a HUGE Giveaway and now I need to step it up and show you why you stumbled on over to me! It may have just been for a giveaway...but to me that is why I like to do them to introduce myself to more gurus!

I have decided to add in another PRIZE!
Congratulations to FLORAL and Bows! You are the owner of  The URBAN DECAY 24/7 Pencil  Palette & a $20 Gift card!

I love doing surprise Giveaways! 
I will be announcing the WINNERS of my 1000 Subbie Giveaway on May 1st!
See ya all tomorrow! Pull out those palettes...they need our LOVE too!

Friday, April 20, 2012



I am so not the type that would ever have nothing to fact major filter should be placed about a 2 feet radius! For some reason I am not happy with my filming...if you do any blogging,vlogging than you know what I am talking about!

So,I will come on over to my sweet little Blog and hover until I get something in my head to pop up!

I did this look in my recent video that invited the Youtubers over and get involved with blogs! How great is it that we can tell exactly what we want within minutes no makeup,hair and can be on a messy bed...

This is my "TommyStep" Tommy Carter  Smokey Eye look! He loves the NAKED2 Palette from Urban Decay!Btw...that is 2 of the 6 prizes I am giving away but here is what I used for this look...

Lips: I was going for a full frosty lip...I used Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy dipped in the MAC Crushed Metallic Minerals. Instant LIP injection with no pain & no duck lip look!
Eyes: This is a Very Natural Smokey Eye...I usually do not 
go for the natural look but this was a fun challenge!

Primer: Urban Decay Gold Primer
Inglot: Gold Shimmer Shadow for the main shadow on socket up over the crease
BareMinerals:Cheers in the brow highlight
MAC:Carbon for the outer 1/3 corner of eye using the MAC 239 brush
MAC:Soba to help blend up to the crease but to keep the same color family
To keep a clean line with out any fall out I used Buxom liner quite a bit and smudged it and "smoke" it out.
I then lined the eye with Tarte liner and brush
Curl lashes 
Armani ,Too Faced fibers, and Dior Extase on lashes

I am going to post the "Team Bombshell" SMokey Eye tutorial check it out SO much fun!

Would love to know what you would like me to and video ideas! Tweet,leave a comment here or a comment on Youtube!
By the way...if you suggest an idea for any of my videos or blogs...I will send you an URBAN DECAY Glitter body kit! So suggest & Request !


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey Beauties! Just a quick note: For those of you that love Bobbi Brown Cosmetics they are having a friends and family sale 
I don't use too much of Bobbi Brown but I love her Everyday Brush Cleanser, Cleansing Oil...which reminds me of MAC's cleansing oil and of course her cream liners! I use several of her brushes and find they last if you take good care of them!

I checked on the website at URBAN DECAY and these are officially SOLD OUT! But Don't you worry...I have some tucked away for my 1000 Youtube Family Giveaway! 
Just by coming to this blog and joining the Blog Beauties you get 2 extra entries!
This is great for those who are not Tweet happy like me!

Also,this is where I will be doing all updates if I don't have a chance to film!
Big HUGS to all!

Monday, April 16, 2012

MY OFFICIAL RE-LAUNCH of SheriMorgan100 & My Huge Giveaway on Youtube

As you all know by now I am not the best blogger out there! But...I am changing that right now! 
I can't always video tape what I want to say..that is virtually impossible...but since my eyes were opened up at Twitter...A great way to give a tiny glance of what is going on in your life or to announce something that is on your mind...but the words are limited.

Where am I going with this? Basically, if there is anything I would like to say to my beauties I can do that in a few minutes instead of waiting days! I Love this concept! 
Starting right this very second I am going to be blogging may be about beauty..sales or low downs on what products were used for certain looks!

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to blog about...I love pictures and I don't have photo shop so my pics are the real deal...which is great when we are swatching colors!

The Hunger Games Katniss Inspired Look
I will also always POST the Winners of Giveaways on my please spread the word...I would love to sign up to other blogs as well...basically just like twitter if you join my Blog I will join yours as well!

I did this look from The Hunger Games...I thought Katniss looked beautiful so I added some T3 Rollers...NARS Teal eye liner and Paper lashes to the last part of my lashes.

BTW...I absolutely love that movie!

Thanks for checking out my RE-Launch...Please spread the word as I am adding this to my HUGE "1000 Youtube Family" Giveaway!

By joining my "Blog Family" Automatically Gives 2 more spots in the pot! That also goes for the current Blog Beauties! You are automatically entered if you would like to be! If you choose not to enter...please let me know!
BIG HUGS and Love to All!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Just Playing around and ended up with this look!
I Really Don't Understand why I won't leave the house without any makeup on...but for some reason I am getting better about it on Youtube...go figure!

This is a quick word to say first of all:
Congratulations to Brandy for Winning the Blog GIveaway!

Also a Congrats to Jennypoo who won on my Youtube channel for  the Chanel Glossimer Giveaway!

Beautiful Bianca won the IPOD Giveaway and Tommy Step had also won another one as well! Nisha and Misssandycandy have there beautiful hands on the NAKED2 palettes and Anniesplace is the WEN -Dirty Little Secrets WInner! I still have not chosen the Too Faced Eye Kit Winners and I am trying to figure out the "Bombshell Matchmaker" prizes! YOU ALL ARE INCREDIBLY SMART!

I have sooo many more Giveaways coming as well as some really fun looks! I have surgery coming up on my stomach to fix an injury I had gotten from a car accident.
I will be Bloggin/Vlogging that!

So before I jam...2 things FUnckyCHicken has sent back her prize and said she didn't want it as she thought the IPOD was a touch not a I need to figure that out also....BIG SAVINGS NEWS!

TODAY ONLY ON NEIMAN you can receive Gift cards for spending certain amounts...great part is that they have AMAZING sales! Check them wouldn't believe what I have opened in the mail and it was AMAZING on a very low budget!

Cant wait to catch up here are a few of the NEW Urban Decay colors and their NEW BUILD YOUR OWN PALETTE!XOXOXO SHeri

Saturday, March 24, 2012

SPRING SALE TIME! YAY for US Bombshells!

I LOVE SAVING MONEY! So, why not pass on the savings to my adorable Blog Beauties!

SPRING FEVER is ON! So Are the Sales!
I had no idea that Neiman Marcus sent out their Clearance products that don't sell to another place called :LASTCALL until about a year ago! Well, let me tell you this site is AMAZING! They have a ton of sales on top of the lower prices. Right now they are having a FRIENDS and Family sale which gives you an additional 30% off your whole purchase! I haven't had the time to check out what is on the site but I have purchased a ton of things from this site and it has GREAT customer service! So check it little tip of the day! XOXO Sheri

Also...I will be listing all the Giveaways for the blog and Youtube today or tomorrow! I am trying to keep up with everything...and this is a newbie for me! THank you all sooo much for being supportive especially after I found hater sites against me!Talk about blow me away.....Again Love to all ...even those HATERS! But mostly to you adorable Beauties!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where Have I been? Well, EVERYWHERE!

With Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes
Hey Beauty Bloggers!
I am not Keeping up with the "Jones" on here am I?
And I am sure missing out!

I Love Reading Blogs but for some reason I have not been keeping my own up to date!

This Giveaway will still go on...but you all have been kind enough to follow my blog that I will pick winners next week, just to allow time for others to come on over to the Blogging World that I have left to dry up!
I truly apologize and will again!
I have decided this is where I will post the makeup or hair products I used for a requested look!

In this picture a Youtube Beauty...Diana wanted me to put on some is what I ended up with! I am also wearing the same pair in my : Have to Have Healthy Bleach Blonde Hair, this was taken that same day!
Please forgive me again and also know I truly appreciate all of you being so AMAZING! Love to all! I will be back very soon! Please check out the New Video put up on Youtube about my :SPRING Time Foundation Routine

Coming up...We have a mission Beauties...a Gorgeous Beauty Nisha is going to a need to check out her pic...its in my Twitter I don't know how to post it! She is looking for some ideas on makeup! I am on my way to see what I can think of! Or any other ideas!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Beach Waves Done with The Sultra Flat Iron

I Absolutely Love playing with hair styles...But I Don't have a ton of time to spend on my hair! Homeschooling 4 kiddos is a ton of work so most of the time I have to organize what I will be doing with my hair on a calendar...that may sound crazy but having very long,thick, bleached hair I have to do so...I must say that I am always so excited with what my hair does with my Sultra Flat gives the perfect I thought! 
I just tried the "BEACHWAVER" by Sarah Potempa and I am in love! It literally looked exactly like the BRAVO Orange County "Real Housewives" Curls that every body is trying to create. Check out my short Youtube video to see how this "Beachwaver" works! Simply Amazing!
I bought mine from QVC and they have a Great Price plus a great Return policy!

I will be back with my whole skin care routine and all my favorite products...I am doing a few hauls and favorite videos for you coming up!
Thank you for all your sweet comments and remember we have a Blog only Giveaway! I also have another surprise coming up soon as well!
Have a Bombshell Day Beauties!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Favorites...Makeup, Skincare, and of course Hair!

Come check out my Youtube tutorials! This "Real Housewife" Of Bling World is answering your questions! I can't wait ! You all have ben so sweet and adorable and I can't wait for all of us to get to know each other! SO Ask away...and I have a couple for you to answer as well! Just check out some of the New you tube places I will be taking you along plus the yummy recipes!
Wonka is coming up tonight! Yay!

Take care Beauties!  xoxoxo Sheri

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Real Housewife"Moments and Beautiful Red Lips

NARS and Loreal Beyonce Red
When it comes to red lips, I am out of my comfort zone! Not only is it hard to find a great color but it can make a mess if you don't apply it right! I even feel like a simple red lipgloss has to be chased carefully! But then I was checking out all the products up and down the aisles at Walgreens and found this pretty color that is suppose to stay on...last thing I need is red in my hair and teeth! Well, I have to say that i found a red I like! I actually wore this out for the day and everyone that normally sees me in ink was very surprised as I always bad I look in red.Now, I think that this combo is great and was not very expensive! I am really hoping this inspires all the beauties to go out of their comfort zone and try a color that yo might not normally might be surprised!
"Real Housewife"Moments LAUNCH
IT IS OFFICIAL! I have had so many requests that the "Real Housewife"Moment videos are here to stay! How fun is this!I Love showing you what I do throughout the day and answering your questions! You have all been darling so I have already have some things up my sleeves...make sure you let me know in the video or Blog comments what you are into seeing...hauls, recipes,bargains...yay! saving money!
In the meantime...Check out and they are having AMAZING sales! I will do a blog soon that will give you the websites I shop at, so you will be notified of the sales! Of court I do have my AMAZING Personal shoppers that are more than willing to ship you out anything you would like for free!Have a great Day Beauties! XOXOXO SHeri

Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok...Now I just recently found out you can leave comments for blogs...I really need your help girls! Thank you for helping me slide into the Blog world! I promise I will do my very best to bring you some great information! One thing I forgot and this does pertain to beauty! Make sure you all enter the Destination Beauty contest on L'oreal channel! You are all so beautiful and I would love to see your videos up there. I entered a few and saw 2 of mine the other day...they might not be on there anymore..I have no idea!
I will for sure be announcing the Youtube Giveaway today! I am posting Daffodilbaby's video first! Her stuff is way too cute!


Bailey & Bradley
I have been incredibly busy with a ton of preparations with my surgery which is now on March 5th! I am doing these Giveaways but I feel so guilty that my Youtubers don't even know about it..I did send a mini video to tell them to check out the are not only Beautiful but ya got brains too! Just put a a quick video of my visit with can see he is quite the ladies man! Make sure if you are looking for shoes...check out shoe of the day! I have an official shoe man now that is absolutely fantastic! Hopefully I will see ya on the tube! xoxoxo Sheri
Don't worry she is laughing!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

BLOG ONLY GIVEAWAY! and the Announcement of My Youtube Giveaway!

That is RIGHT! You saw it here first! I figure that I keep teasing you about a Blog Giveaway that we will Announce it NOW! Right NOW!
For my Beautiful Bloggers
After many hours of thinking, I couldn't figure out what to put in it so check the picture and I will explain everything that is included for the Blog and you find out even before the YOUTUBERS what there Giveaway is too! You can enter both Giveaways and if you some how WIN both then I am sure we can figure something out!

THE  First place WINNER will Receive: A Choice of Cozie from incredible Etsy Store that is kind enough to offer my Beauties a discount on her products!
A one of a kind pair of Bombshell,Straight Flush Couture  Earrings or Hello Kitty Bow Ring in any color style you choose!
Bombshell Big Hair Powder from ROCK YOUR HAIR! My newest True Love Hair product!
A Bag of Chocolate covered Espresso Beans From Caribou Coffee...YUMMY!
My Favorite NEW Pink Lippie Product from Loreal...Lip Infalliable...this is a 2 part system that is really cool and is a beautiful color!
My Favorite Microwave Omelet maker...check out the omelet video for more information on why it is so special!
Last but not Least is a Gift Card for $20 to Nordstrom or Von Maur it's your choice!

THE 2nd place Winner will Receive :A Cozie as well ,Choice of jewelry and if you are over 18 5 scratch or power ball lottery tickets.
Also a $10 Gift card to Nordstrom or Von Maur

Now..the RULES: Must subscribe to my Blog and refer 1 friend to subscribe.
As soon as we hit 150 members I will Announce the 2 Winners.
You can enter as many times as you want by referring more friends.
Thank you for all your AMAZING support and I hope you like for Giveaway!

Since I haven't told my YOUTUBERS yet what the Giveaway is for can keep it a secret...right?
First place gets Everything the First place blogger gets PLUS a BRAND NEW PINK IPOD SHUFFLE!
But in YOUTUBE land things are a tad different! I work extremely hard on all my projects and I absolutely have no help and I homeschool 4 kids getting ready for surgery...HOLY COW!

My YouTubers will have 2 Prizes as well and both will receive an IPOD SHUFFLE that I bought with my own money!
I will announce the winners for the Youtube Giveaway on the blog as well!
THe RULES for YOUTUBE: Must be a subscriber, favorite the video, thumbs up and leave a comment on how I can make my channel better and what everyone would like me to do more or less of. Also, you must favorite and like one other video on my channel of your choice. Please choose one that you really do like so I can make my channel the best it can be! I don't mind criticism but please be constructive.

Of course since I am asking you to subscribe and to add me to your playlist...feel free to ask any questions and I will add it to my videos!
THe Youtube Giveaway will be Announced when 897 subscribers have joined my channel.
So...basically I just want to do a Giveaway that is diverse enough to get more subbies and to bring you the information that you are looking for !
If you want to get started before the YOUtubers go right ahead! THey won't find out until a little later about what is in the video!


I Admit It! I have not given the Blog the love it deserves! My Youtube channel seems to get a lot more of my energy!

Honestly this should not be the case! Unless you have watched my videos , there is not too much you know about me!

THat is about to change...I am going to do my best Blogging at least 1 post a day! Some of you adorable beauties don't like watching or don't have the time to watch videos...and yes I can talk way too much in them!
Before with a little foundation and bronzer
I recently did a series that I never even posted on Youtube...basically it was how I go from this picture of a tag that I received going from "Rolling out of bed to a Smokey Megan Fox Look.
The whole look started with a clean face and I broke it up into 5-10 minute segments. After I post my Giveaway to Youtube I will start showing different types of looks and products.
I do have a few Shoe of the day Bargain videos that are very short if you are interested...and also the Youtube Giveaway!

Again thank you for checking out my New Blog! Hopefully I make it up to you!!!!
Finished look before Beach Waves Tutorial

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CANDY That Has More Moments on your LIPS! NOT On Your Hips!

Some of the CAndy Options we Found
Candy...The Fifth Food Group!
It is definitely MY favorite a it sounds better if we just make it a food group!
BUT...I Love my Chocolate so much I have created a ton of recipes that are so amazing that I myself still can't believe it is possible to have some of these new additions or shall I say"twists" on some of our favorite candy bars growing up.

Now, there are a few rules that we stuck by when it came to these candy bars. They had to be a nice size...not 2 bites and then you are sniffing around for more, they really had to be a decent amount for the calories or forget about it....

Out TOP 10 ARE:
10:Tootsie Rolls...14 calories each for the you can can each quite a few as long as your dental work will allow it.
9:Air Heads...Only 50 calories for 1 strip...brusha brusha brusha
8:Skittles...Are great because they are tiny and with 42 as a 200 calorie serving...not too bad
7:Snickers to Go...These are HUGE Snickers bars that come 2 to a pack they tell you to eat one for 210 calories and twist the bag up and eat the rest later. if you have will power..sure
6:M&Ms Pretzels...With a whole bag at 150 calories that is half of a DingDong
5:YORK Peppermint Patty...140 for whole bar! Now that is beyond Peppelicious!
4:3 Musketeers Coconut...180 for this little yumster much better than the original.
3: Werthers Originals...30 calories per piece but they last not crunch your teeth may break
2: Chocolate Covered Strawberries...May not be a candy bar but these little puppies are great...just take some Hershey Dark syrup and dip a few berries! They Fiber almost knocks all those calories out!
1:Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans...For 180 calories you get 20 of these little fellas and ya...they are the BOMB!
Hope you like our picks! We have some yummy recipes coming soon!
MONEY TIP: MARS/DOVE are on sale 59 cents a walgreens

My Family Couldn't Wait Until we filmed our You Tube for this 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Before with bare lips
So, I found this little sleek package that I bought at Ulta a few months back but when I opened the package it looked impossible toto get those on right plus the feeling?

After a few attempts they are on and really fun! It was funny to show my kids and I was able to do a video so you could see first hand if this was worth it to you! 

I will say ...sadly even though I drink my Americano through a straw they still came off within an hour.
I do know though that they are on SALE at if you are in the market for pink leopard lips you are in luck! Have a Great Bombshell day Beauties!
AFTER with Violent lips

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I will be doing a daily Blog with a quick cooking Youtube video and a quick blog! Please let me know what YOU WANT ME TO BLOG OR MAKE FOR YOU!

This I can't wait to start! So... I am not waiting!
Today: On youtube we will be doing the candy bar countdown! I absolutely love this video! It was soooo fun and you will be shocked at what we found just by snooping around at the local gas station! I will post the pics tomorrow as the video is not up loaded yet! But please leave some comments under my food videos and ket me know what you want next! SInce it is freezing cold out I have a few other tasty options as well! I posted a video about Starbucks and how to chop the calories on your favorite coffee drinks! My local Starbucks named it the "Shericano" and they all went crazy over my "Hello Kitty" Cozie! Remember Daffodillbaby is giving a sweet discount just by typing :SHeri100.

For those of you that are wondering if I am still doing makeup ...well of fact I am reorganizing my Acrylic cube and vanity will see it very soon! I can't wait! Like I said you all have made my dreams come true!

Your emails are beyond inspiring...and for those of you that encouraged me to add another topic to my videos..I thank you as I really had no idea that so many people would actually want the information! I will tell you one thing...if you try it I promise it works! You probably won't like everything I come up with but who does? I guess that is why there are so many options! SOmetimes too many for this Libra...LOL!


 96 Olympian Gymnast Jacie Phelps 
Lindsey and Bailey with Miss Pat and Miss Dona 

I have so much to say but I have myself very far behind! How do I catch up?
First let's do a small shout out to a few of the most kindest women I have ever met! I usually never name drop and I don't talk about my kiddos but this time I am breaking my rules!

This picture to the left is a picture of my 12 year old daughter Lindsey [I call her Linny] and my 7 year old Bailey [Bailey Boo] with Owner of JPAC Gymnastics in Indianapolis. She was kind enough to allow Dona Jones and Pat Warren...pic below to work with my girls on their skills for the new season coming up!  You are probably wondering why I would travel all the way from my comfy home to Indianapolis to see these women.
In one word:Unflippingbelievable! No pun intended! They might look familiar to you because when Dona isn't busy jumping out of airplanes she is a National judge,Coach, Movie star and choreographer.  And her mommy Pat the Queen of Gymnastics! SHe is all over the world just like her daughter!

Dona lives in California...but I think she lives in a suit case!
THese 2 women were in the movie that is a gymnastics cult following movie names "Stick it!" All Gymnasts love this movie and it is an honor to have Dona choreographer Lindseys floor routine which is  simply beautiful! That story could take all day as she had a devastating injury and was never suppose to be doing gymnastics again!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jacie for allowing us to come to your gym! It was wonderful meeting you and look forward to seeing you again!