Saturday, March 24, 2012

SPRING SALE TIME! YAY for US Bombshells!

I LOVE SAVING MONEY! So, why not pass on the savings to my adorable Blog Beauties!

SPRING FEVER is ON! So Are the Sales!
I had no idea that Neiman Marcus sent out their Clearance products that don't sell to another place called :LASTCALL until about a year ago! Well, let me tell you this site is AMAZING! They have a ton of sales on top of the lower prices. Right now they are having a FRIENDS and Family sale which gives you an additional 30% off your whole purchase! I haven't had the time to check out what is on the site but I have purchased a ton of things from this site and it has GREAT customer service! So check it little tip of the day! XOXO Sheri

Also...I will be listing all the Giveaways for the blog and Youtube today or tomorrow! I am trying to keep up with everything...and this is a newbie for me! THank you all sooo much for being supportive especially after I found hater sites against me!Talk about blow me away.....Again Love to all ...even those HATERS! But mostly to you adorable Beauties!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where Have I been? Well, EVERYWHERE!

With Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes
Hey Beauty Bloggers!
I am not Keeping up with the "Jones" on here am I?
And I am sure missing out!

I Love Reading Blogs but for some reason I have not been keeping my own up to date!

This Giveaway will still go on...but you all have been kind enough to follow my blog that I will pick winners next week, just to allow time for others to come on over to the Blogging World that I have left to dry up!
I truly apologize and will again!
I have decided this is where I will post the makeup or hair products I used for a requested look!

In this picture a Youtube Beauty...Diana wanted me to put on some is what I ended up with! I am also wearing the same pair in my : Have to Have Healthy Bleach Blonde Hair, this was taken that same day!
Please forgive me again and also know I truly appreciate all of you being so AMAZING! Love to all! I will be back very soon! Please check out the New Video put up on Youtube about my :SPRING Time Foundation Routine

Coming up...We have a mission Beauties...a Gorgeous Beauty Nisha is going to a need to check out her pic...its in my Twitter I don't know how to post it! She is looking for some ideas on makeup! I am on my way to see what I can think of! Or any other ideas!