Sunday, January 29, 2012

BLOG ONLY GIVEAWAY! and the Announcement of My Youtube Giveaway!

That is RIGHT! You saw it here first! I figure that I keep teasing you about a Blog Giveaway that we will Announce it NOW! Right NOW!
For my Beautiful Bloggers
After many hours of thinking, I couldn't figure out what to put in it so check the picture and I will explain everything that is included for the Blog and you find out even before the YOUTUBERS what there Giveaway is too! You can enter both Giveaways and if you some how WIN both then I am sure we can figure something out!

THE  First place WINNER will Receive: A Choice of Cozie from incredible Etsy Store that is kind enough to offer my Beauties a discount on her products!
A one of a kind pair of Bombshell,Straight Flush Couture  Earrings or Hello Kitty Bow Ring in any color style you choose!
Bombshell Big Hair Powder from ROCK YOUR HAIR! My newest True Love Hair product!
A Bag of Chocolate covered Espresso Beans From Caribou Coffee...YUMMY!
My Favorite NEW Pink Lippie Product from Loreal...Lip Infalliable...this is a 2 part system that is really cool and is a beautiful color!
My Favorite Microwave Omelet maker...check out the omelet video for more information on why it is so special!
Last but not Least is a Gift Card for $20 to Nordstrom or Von Maur it's your choice!

THE 2nd place Winner will Receive :A Cozie as well ,Choice of jewelry and if you are over 18 5 scratch or power ball lottery tickets.
Also a $10 Gift card to Nordstrom or Von Maur

Now..the RULES: Must subscribe to my Blog and refer 1 friend to subscribe.
As soon as we hit 150 members I will Announce the 2 Winners.
You can enter as many times as you want by referring more friends.
Thank you for all your AMAZING support and I hope you like for Giveaway!

Since I haven't told my YOUTUBERS yet what the Giveaway is for can keep it a secret...right?
First place gets Everything the First place blogger gets PLUS a BRAND NEW PINK IPOD SHUFFLE!
But in YOUTUBE land things are a tad different! I work extremely hard on all my projects and I absolutely have no help and I homeschool 4 kids getting ready for surgery...HOLY COW!

My YouTubers will have 2 Prizes as well and both will receive an IPOD SHUFFLE that I bought with my own money!
I will announce the winners for the Youtube Giveaway on the blog as well!
THe RULES for YOUTUBE: Must be a subscriber, favorite the video, thumbs up and leave a comment on how I can make my channel better and what everyone would like me to do more or less of. Also, you must favorite and like one other video on my channel of your choice. Please choose one that you really do like so I can make my channel the best it can be! I don't mind criticism but please be constructive.

Of course since I am asking you to subscribe and to add me to your playlist...feel free to ask any questions and I will add it to my videos!
THe Youtube Giveaway will be Announced when 897 subscribers have joined my channel.
So...basically I just want to do a Giveaway that is diverse enough to get more subbies and to bring you the information that you are looking for !
If you want to get started before the YOUtubers go right ahead! THey won't find out until a little later about what is in the video!


I Admit It! I have not given the Blog the love it deserves! My Youtube channel seems to get a lot more of my energy!

Honestly this should not be the case! Unless you have watched my videos , there is not too much you know about me!

THat is about to change...I am going to do my best Blogging at least 1 post a day! Some of you adorable beauties don't like watching or don't have the time to watch videos...and yes I can talk way too much in them!
Before with a little foundation and bronzer
I recently did a series that I never even posted on Youtube...basically it was how I go from this picture of a tag that I received going from "Rolling out of bed to a Smokey Megan Fox Look.
The whole look started with a clean face and I broke it up into 5-10 minute segments. After I post my Giveaway to Youtube I will start showing different types of looks and products.
I do have a few Shoe of the day Bargain videos that are very short if you are interested...and also the Youtube Giveaway!

Again thank you for checking out my New Blog! Hopefully I make it up to you!!!!
Finished look before Beach Waves Tutorial

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CANDY That Has More Moments on your LIPS! NOT On Your Hips!

Some of the CAndy Options we Found
Candy...The Fifth Food Group!
It is definitely MY favorite a it sounds better if we just make it a food group!
BUT...I Love my Chocolate so much I have created a ton of recipes that are so amazing that I myself still can't believe it is possible to have some of these new additions or shall I say"twists" on some of our favorite candy bars growing up.

Now, there are a few rules that we stuck by when it came to these candy bars. They had to be a nice size...not 2 bites and then you are sniffing around for more, they really had to be a decent amount for the calories or forget about it....

Out TOP 10 ARE:
10:Tootsie Rolls...14 calories each for the you can can each quite a few as long as your dental work will allow it.
9:Air Heads...Only 50 calories for 1 strip...brusha brusha brusha
8:Skittles...Are great because they are tiny and with 42 as a 200 calorie serving...not too bad
7:Snickers to Go...These are HUGE Snickers bars that come 2 to a pack they tell you to eat one for 210 calories and twist the bag up and eat the rest later. if you have will power..sure
6:M&Ms Pretzels...With a whole bag at 150 calories that is half of a DingDong
5:YORK Peppermint Patty...140 for whole bar! Now that is beyond Peppelicious!
4:3 Musketeers Coconut...180 for this little yumster much better than the original.
3: Werthers Originals...30 calories per piece but they last not crunch your teeth may break
2: Chocolate Covered Strawberries...May not be a candy bar but these little puppies are great...just take some Hershey Dark syrup and dip a few berries! They Fiber almost knocks all those calories out!
1:Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans...For 180 calories you get 20 of these little fellas and ya...they are the BOMB!
Hope you like our picks! We have some yummy recipes coming soon!
MONEY TIP: MARS/DOVE are on sale 59 cents a walgreens

My Family Couldn't Wait Until we filmed our You Tube for this 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Before with bare lips
So, I found this little sleek package that I bought at Ulta a few months back but when I opened the package it looked impossible toto get those on right plus the feeling?

After a few attempts they are on and really fun! It was funny to show my kids and I was able to do a video so you could see first hand if this was worth it to you! 

I will say ...sadly even though I drink my Americano through a straw they still came off within an hour.
I do know though that they are on SALE at if you are in the market for pink leopard lips you are in luck! Have a Great Bombshell day Beauties!
AFTER with Violent lips

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I will be doing a daily Blog with a quick cooking Youtube video and a quick blog! Please let me know what YOU WANT ME TO BLOG OR MAKE FOR YOU!

This I can't wait to start! So... I am not waiting!
Today: On youtube we will be doing the candy bar countdown! I absolutely love this video! It was soooo fun and you will be shocked at what we found just by snooping around at the local gas station! I will post the pics tomorrow as the video is not up loaded yet! But please leave some comments under my food videos and ket me know what you want next! SInce it is freezing cold out I have a few other tasty options as well! I posted a video about Starbucks and how to chop the calories on your favorite coffee drinks! My local Starbucks named it the "Shericano" and they all went crazy over my "Hello Kitty" Cozie! Remember Daffodillbaby is giving a sweet discount just by typing :SHeri100.

For those of you that are wondering if I am still doing makeup ...well of fact I am reorganizing my Acrylic cube and vanity will see it very soon! I can't wait! Like I said you all have made my dreams come true!

Your emails are beyond inspiring...and for those of you that encouraged me to add another topic to my videos..I thank you as I really had no idea that so many people would actually want the information! I will tell you one thing...if you try it I promise it works! You probably won't like everything I come up with but who does? I guess that is why there are so many options! SOmetimes too many for this Libra...LOL!


 96 Olympian Gymnast Jacie Phelps 
Lindsey and Bailey with Miss Pat and Miss Dona 

I have so much to say but I have myself very far behind! How do I catch up?
First let's do a small shout out to a few of the most kindest women I have ever met! I usually never name drop and I don't talk about my kiddos but this time I am breaking my rules!

This picture to the left is a picture of my 12 year old daughter Lindsey [I call her Linny] and my 7 year old Bailey [Bailey Boo] with Owner of JPAC Gymnastics in Indianapolis. She was kind enough to allow Dona Jones and Pat Warren...pic below to work with my girls on their skills for the new season coming up!  You are probably wondering why I would travel all the way from my comfy home to Indianapolis to see these women.
In one word:Unflippingbelievable! No pun intended! They might look familiar to you because when Dona isn't busy jumping out of airplanes she is a National judge,Coach, Movie star and choreographer.  And her mommy Pat the Queen of Gymnastics! SHe is all over the world just like her daughter!

Dona lives in California...but I think she lives in a suit case!
THese 2 women were in the movie that is a gymnastics cult following movie names "Stick it!" All Gymnasts love this movie and it is an honor to have Dona choreographer Lindseys floor routine which is  simply beautiful! That story could take all day as she had a devastating injury and was never suppose to be doing gymnastics again!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jacie for allowing us to come to your gym! It was wonderful meeting you and look forward to seeing you again!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daffodillbaby at Etsy! My Latest Hidden GEM!

HELLO KITTY Inspired Cozie 
Anyone that knows me or for those that don't know me I am Officially Addicted to Starbucks and Hello Kitty!
I always have at least 2 a day and when I pull up in the drive is scary when they say" Oh Hey Sheri.. do you want 2 or 3? "
Since I am usually late and running to get to an appointment see this BIG Hello Kitty Purse with HUGE Sunglasses on it...yep me Guilty as charged again! I just can't get enough of both!
One night I was playing around on my computer with my kids and my daughter says ..."Mom check out this Starbucks cup!" Let's just say ...Daffodillbaby had me at HELLO! This has to be the most adorable product I have ever seen! But what about the Quality?Hmmm...No way could this be true...Oh yes it is! I ordered it on a Monday couple of days later I felt like the kid in "A Christmas Story" getting his decoder ring...I couldn't open it fast enough!

"A STAR IS BORN!" This is a must have for everyone! Not just Kitty lovers and not just coffee! I immediately emailed Janet...the owner/CEO and Head Designer of this small Woman owned business...and she is a pleasure to meet and to work with! Get this...she not only makes Hello Kitty, she does all kinds of designs and she also make pint ice cream's like she knew I was in need of her for my late night I don't burn my hands or have them frozen off, and I am being GREEN!
DAFFODILLBABY also sells just the pattern of these beautiful "Cozies" if you would like to change up the colors,,,but guess what she is doing for the"Bombshell Beauty" Family? Not even the Youtubers know yet...she is making special Hello Kitty Inspired "Cozie"s with a pin or black bow for my Tokidoki gals! I am anxiously awaiting more designs and I will be doing a full tutorial on all her designs!

Until then...go over to Etsy and Check out her shop...I am learning how to do this link thing...please be patient...most of you know me from Youtube and I finally got that down!
Janet has done something even better! When you go to her shop type in the code SHERI100 for 10% your entire order....But this code is good thru Valentines Day and you know this will be part of a Giveaway that Janet and I are putting together that is a one of a kind "Bombshell Cozie" I can't wait! Her prices are beyond Amazing already! Go to Youtube and check out my little review which is part of my Go Go Boot OOTD and see this product in action!
If you have any questions please email me or contact Janet..she is a doll and is such a dream to do this for us! I love saving money but when I can save on a product like this...AHHHHMAZING!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Palettes:Are some really better than others?

BH Cosmetics 88
I See 2 Palettes here but one is much larger and has a88 colors! WOW! BUT the other is Oh So Cute and well...It's Bobbi know that means it has to be AMAZING!

NOT SO FAST COWBOY! This Bobbi Palette is $70! Choke on my Biscotti...

This BH Cosmetics was on sale for $9...but does the quality that I need hold up in this palette?

Being the "Makeup Artist WHo lives in a Shoe" I did an eye with each palette and ran around my house asking everyone which eye they liked better...not one out of the 12 people from ages       2-50 picked the more fact they thought they were the same. My decision was different...the 88 palette was very pigmented and took me a swipe for color but the other took me a little bit to build color. Is that a bad thing? It depends...for the gal or guy who uses and loves bright colors I think the 88 palette is great for the beginner and the lady who is a sucker for packaging..AKA me..than Bobbi would be your pick.
Bottom line..just like chocolate no makeup is bad it just depends on your taste and well your palette....No Pun intended!

MONEY TIP!...If you are in the market for a new palette or shadows. Check out Inglot, BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents...even Ebay if you just have to have the latest and Greatest!
My BLOG GIVEAWAY UPDATE: I will be posting the picture very soon ...just note it will include one of my favorite palettes....thats a hint! xoxo
Some of My Favorite Palettes

Monday, January 2, 2012


Different Hello Kitty Bows and Sprinkle Cupcake Hearts

I have been making jewelry for years now! I love how you can take crazy things like candy or dice and make fun designs out of them!
I have so many different styles that I don't even know how to present them! Here is a few styles that I feel like are perfected enough for my Beauty family! The newest designs are shown in my latest Youtube video I am a little iffy on them as the shape makes it a little difficult to make sure the ring backs stay on! YOU ALL DESERVE PERFECTION! 
I do have an ebay account with my rings listed...I thought it would be fun just to do a little Blog Only Giveaway!
For the first 10 Beauties that sign up for my BLog I will send you a ring of your choice! There is a catch though! You have to promise to be my official Bling Ring critics and give me ideas on how I can make them better! If you are interested please let me know!
Hot RED Lips and CHANEL inspired design

Dice and Candy Sprinkles with Genuine Crystals

Hello Kitty Colorful Faces