Thursday, January 5, 2012

Palettes:Are some really better than others?

BH Cosmetics 88
I See 2 Palettes here but one is much larger and has a88 colors! WOW! BUT the other is Oh So Cute and well...It's Bobbi know that means it has to be AMAZING!

NOT SO FAST COWBOY! This Bobbi Palette is $70! Choke on my Biscotti...

This BH Cosmetics was on sale for $9...but does the quality that I need hold up in this palette?

Being the "Makeup Artist WHo lives in a Shoe" I did an eye with each palette and ran around my house asking everyone which eye they liked better...not one out of the 12 people from ages       2-50 picked the more fact they thought they were the same. My decision was different...the 88 palette was very pigmented and took me a swipe for color but the other took me a little bit to build color. Is that a bad thing? It depends...for the gal or guy who uses and loves bright colors I think the 88 palette is great for the beginner and the lady who is a sucker for packaging..AKA me..than Bobbi would be your pick.
Bottom line..just like chocolate no makeup is bad it just depends on your taste and well your palette....No Pun intended!

MONEY TIP!...If you are in the market for a new palette or shadows. Check out Inglot, BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents...even Ebay if you just have to have the latest and Greatest!
My BLOG GIVEAWAY UPDATE: I will be posting the picture very soon ...just note it will include one of my favorite palettes....thats a hint! xoxo
Some of My Favorite Palettes

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  1. I think I'd prefer the Bobbi Brown palette. I might be a bit bias as I love Bobbi Brown makeup in general but at the same time the BH88 has too many colors that are so close the shades that blending with the Bobbi Brown palette would probably get the same effect? I don't know maybe it's just my Bobbi Brown fan girl talking? $70?! WOWZER! That really expensive!! I guess you're paying for quality then? My favorite palette at the moment is the "theBalm Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette", it's a little expensive and I bought it from Ebay for R302 which is about $37. I'm loving it! I'm curious about the giveaway... :) But I'll be a patient bunny :D
    Take care and much love