Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daffodillbaby at Etsy! My Latest Hidden GEM!

HELLO KITTY Inspired Cozie 
Anyone that knows me or for those that don't know me I am Officially Addicted to Starbucks and Hello Kitty!
I always have at least 2 a day and when I pull up in the drive is scary when they say" Oh Hey Sheri.. do you want 2 or 3? "
Since I am usually late and running to get to an appointment see this BIG Hello Kitty Purse with HUGE Sunglasses on it...yep me Guilty as charged again! I just can't get enough of both!
One night I was playing around on my computer with my kids and my daughter says ..."Mom check out this Starbucks cup!" Let's just say ...Daffodillbaby had me at HELLO! This has to be the most adorable product I have ever seen! But what about the Quality?Hmmm...No way could this be true...Oh yes it is! I ordered it on a Monday couple of days later I felt like the kid in "A Christmas Story" getting his decoder ring...I couldn't open it fast enough!

"A STAR IS BORN!" This is a must have for everyone! Not just Kitty lovers and not just coffee! I immediately emailed Janet...the owner/CEO and Head Designer of this small Woman owned business...and she is a pleasure to meet and to work with! Get this...she not only makes Hello Kitty, she does all kinds of designs and she also make pint ice cream's like she knew I was in need of her for my late night I don't burn my hands or have them frozen off, and I am being GREEN!
DAFFODILLBABY also sells just the pattern of these beautiful "Cozies" if you would like to change up the colors,,,but guess what she is doing for the"Bombshell Beauty" Family? Not even the Youtubers know yet...she is making special Hello Kitty Inspired "Cozie"s with a pin or black bow for my Tokidoki gals! I am anxiously awaiting more designs and I will be doing a full tutorial on all her designs!

Until then...go over to Etsy and Check out her shop...I am learning how to do this link thing...please be patient...most of you know me from Youtube and I finally got that down!
Janet has done something even better! When you go to her shop type in the code SHERI100 for 10% your entire order....But this code is good thru Valentines Day and you know this will be part of a Giveaway that Janet and I are putting together that is a one of a kind "Bombshell Cozie" I can't wait! Her prices are beyond Amazing already! Go to Youtube and check out my little review which is part of my Go Go Boot OOTD and see this product in action!
If you have any questions please email me or contact Janet..she is a doll and is such a dream to do this for us! I love saving money but when I can save on a product like this...AHHHHMAZING!


  1. What a great idea. I so want one. :)

  2. Hi Brandy! I am so new to Blogging I didn't know people did!