Sunday, January 29, 2012

BLOG ONLY GIVEAWAY! and the Announcement of My Youtube Giveaway!

That is RIGHT! You saw it here first! I figure that I keep teasing you about a Blog Giveaway that we will Announce it NOW! Right NOW!
For my Beautiful Bloggers
After many hours of thinking, I couldn't figure out what to put in it so check the picture and I will explain everything that is included for the Blog and you find out even before the YOUTUBERS what there Giveaway is too! You can enter both Giveaways and if you some how WIN both then I am sure we can figure something out!

THE  First place WINNER will Receive: A Choice of Cozie from incredible Etsy Store that is kind enough to offer my Beauties a discount on her products!
A one of a kind pair of Bombshell,Straight Flush Couture  Earrings or Hello Kitty Bow Ring in any color style you choose!
Bombshell Big Hair Powder from ROCK YOUR HAIR! My newest True Love Hair product!
A Bag of Chocolate covered Espresso Beans From Caribou Coffee...YUMMY!
My Favorite NEW Pink Lippie Product from Loreal...Lip Infalliable...this is a 2 part system that is really cool and is a beautiful color!
My Favorite Microwave Omelet maker...check out the omelet video for more information on why it is so special!
Last but not Least is a Gift Card for $20 to Nordstrom or Von Maur it's your choice!

THE 2nd place Winner will Receive :A Cozie as well ,Choice of jewelry and if you are over 18 5 scratch or power ball lottery tickets.
Also a $10 Gift card to Nordstrom or Von Maur

Now..the RULES: Must subscribe to my Blog and refer 1 friend to subscribe.
As soon as we hit 150 members I will Announce the 2 Winners.
You can enter as many times as you want by referring more friends.
Thank you for all your AMAZING support and I hope you like for Giveaway!

Since I haven't told my YOUTUBERS yet what the Giveaway is for can keep it a secret...right?
First place gets Everything the First place blogger gets PLUS a BRAND NEW PINK IPOD SHUFFLE!
But in YOUTUBE land things are a tad different! I work extremely hard on all my projects and I absolutely have no help and I homeschool 4 kids getting ready for surgery...HOLY COW!

My YouTubers will have 2 Prizes as well and both will receive an IPOD SHUFFLE that I bought with my own money!
I will announce the winners for the Youtube Giveaway on the blog as well!
THe RULES for YOUTUBE: Must be a subscriber, favorite the video, thumbs up and leave a comment on how I can make my channel better and what everyone would like me to do more or less of. Also, you must favorite and like one other video on my channel of your choice. Please choose one that you really do like so I can make my channel the best it can be! I don't mind criticism but please be constructive.

Of course since I am asking you to subscribe and to add me to your playlist...feel free to ask any questions and I will add it to my videos!
THe Youtube Giveaway will be Announced when 897 subscribers have joined my channel.
So...basically I just want to do a Giveaway that is diverse enough to get more subbies and to bring you the information that you are looking for !
If you want to get started before the YOUtubers go right ahead! THey won't find out until a little later about what is in the video!


  1. This is such a nice giveaway. Those earrings are super cute (: If Nisha didn't tell me about this giveaway, I wouldn't have known! I'll probably persuade our mother to join as we all love watching your YT videos. Good luck for the future!

  2. Thank you sooo much! I appreciate your sweet support! xoxo Sheri

  3. Keep up these awesome posts, I love seeing what new things you will introduce to me. Take care girl