Sunday, January 29, 2012


I Admit It! I have not given the Blog the love it deserves! My Youtube channel seems to get a lot more of my energy!

Honestly this should not be the case! Unless you have watched my videos , there is not too much you know about me!

THat is about to change...I am going to do my best Blogging at least 1 post a day! Some of you adorable beauties don't like watching or don't have the time to watch videos...and yes I can talk way too much in them!
Before with a little foundation and bronzer
I recently did a series that I never even posted on Youtube...basically it was how I go from this picture of a tag that I received going from "Rolling out of bed to a Smokey Megan Fox Look.
The whole look started with a clean face and I broke it up into 5-10 minute segments. After I post my Giveaway to Youtube I will start showing different types of looks and products.
I do have a few Shoe of the day Bargain videos that are very short if you are interested...and also the Youtube Giveaway!

Again thank you for checking out my New Blog! Hopefully I make it up to you!!!!
Finished look before Beach Waves Tutorial

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