Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lost But Not Forgotten ...Urban Decay Palettes

What in the World Happened to all of the Urban Decay Palettes?

Book of Shadows 4

     My Next Makeup Look I vow not to use my "Build Your Own" or "NAKED" Palettes!

I can remember when all we did was wait for Thursdays to come to see the latest MAC collection....
MAC was the end all be all and then came new brands that opened up this amazing  craft of painting on faces to change the way we look!

I love so many brands from CHANEL to Cover Girl that I have somehow have a LANDFILL of makeup! I promise myself I will go on a No know what I am talking lasts until you read your email...and see the latest at Sephora! 
It is amazing how all the trends go...from bold to natural to put makeup on to look like you don't have any on...never makes sense!
Yes, it does! I look at makeup as my time to be any kind of artist...although I am a perfectionist ...I have learned that it is ok to have sisters and not twins and to use bold colors but also be kind to out neutrals! 
I have had recently hit a huge "video block"where I don't like any thing I have taped..and now i realize makeup is fun and it is time to show you more fun!

I have over 1000 subbies now...a HUGE Giveaway and now I need to step it up and show you why you stumbled on over to me! It may have just been for a giveaway...but to me that is why I like to do them to introduce myself to more gurus!

I have decided to add in another PRIZE!
Congratulations to FLORAL and Bows! You are the owner of  The URBAN DECAY 24/7 Pencil  Palette & a $20 Gift card!

I love doing surprise Giveaways! 
I will be announcing the WINNERS of my 1000 Subbie Giveaway on May 1st!
See ya all tomorrow! Pull out those palettes...they need our LOVE too!

Friday, April 20, 2012



I am so not the type that would ever have nothing to fact major filter should be placed about a 2 feet radius! For some reason I am not happy with my filming...if you do any blogging,vlogging than you know what I am talking about!

So,I will come on over to my sweet little Blog and hover until I get something in my head to pop up!

I did this look in my recent video that invited the Youtubers over and get involved with blogs! How great is it that we can tell exactly what we want within minutes no makeup,hair and can be on a messy bed...

This is my "TommyStep" Tommy Carter  Smokey Eye look! He loves the NAKED2 Palette from Urban Decay!Btw...that is 2 of the 6 prizes I am giving away but here is what I used for this look...

Lips: I was going for a full frosty lip...I used Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy dipped in the MAC Crushed Metallic Minerals. Instant LIP injection with no pain & no duck lip look!
Eyes: This is a Very Natural Smokey Eye...I usually do not 
go for the natural look but this was a fun challenge!

Primer: Urban Decay Gold Primer
Inglot: Gold Shimmer Shadow for the main shadow on socket up over the crease
BareMinerals:Cheers in the brow highlight
MAC:Carbon for the outer 1/3 corner of eye using the MAC 239 brush
MAC:Soba to help blend up to the crease but to keep the same color family
To keep a clean line with out any fall out I used Buxom liner quite a bit and smudged it and "smoke" it out.
I then lined the eye with Tarte liner and brush
Curl lashes 
Armani ,Too Faced fibers, and Dior Extase on lashes

I am going to post the "Team Bombshell" SMokey Eye tutorial check it out SO much fun!

Would love to know what you would like me to and video ideas! Tweet,leave a comment here or a comment on Youtube!
By the way...if you suggest an idea for any of my videos or blogs...I will send you an URBAN DECAY Glitter body kit! So suggest & Request !


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hey Beauties! Just a quick note: For those of you that love Bobbi Brown Cosmetics they are having a friends and family sale 
I don't use too much of Bobbi Brown but I love her Everyday Brush Cleanser, Cleansing Oil...which reminds me of MAC's cleansing oil and of course her cream liners! I use several of her brushes and find they last if you take good care of them!

I checked on the website at URBAN DECAY and these are officially SOLD OUT! But Don't you worry...I have some tucked away for my 1000 Youtube Family Giveaway! 
Just by coming to this blog and joining the Blog Beauties you get 2 extra entries!
This is great for those who are not Tweet happy like me!

Also,this is where I will be doing all updates if I don't have a chance to film!
Big HUGS to all!

Monday, April 16, 2012

MY OFFICIAL RE-LAUNCH of SheriMorgan100 & My Huge Giveaway on Youtube

As you all know by now I am not the best blogger out there! But...I am changing that right now! 
I can't always video tape what I want to say..that is virtually impossible...but since my eyes were opened up at Twitter...A great way to give a tiny glance of what is going on in your life or to announce something that is on your mind...but the words are limited.

Where am I going with this? Basically, if there is anything I would like to say to my beauties I can do that in a few minutes instead of waiting days! I Love this concept! 
Starting right this very second I am going to be blogging may be about beauty..sales or low downs on what products were used for certain looks!

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to blog about...I love pictures and I don't have photo shop so my pics are the real deal...which is great when we are swatching colors!

The Hunger Games Katniss Inspired Look
I will also always POST the Winners of Giveaways on my please spread the word...I would love to sign up to other blogs as well...basically just like twitter if you join my Blog I will join yours as well!

I did this look from The Hunger Games...I thought Katniss looked beautiful so I added some T3 Rollers...NARS Teal eye liner and Paper lashes to the last part of my lashes.

BTW...I absolutely love that movie!

Thanks for checking out my RE-Launch...Please spread the word as I am adding this to my HUGE "1000 Youtube Family" Giveaway!

By joining my "Blog Family" Automatically Gives 2 more spots in the pot! That also goes for the current Blog Beauties! You are automatically entered if you would like to be! If you choose not to enter...please let me know!
BIG HUGS and Love to All!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Just Playing around and ended up with this look!
I Really Don't Understand why I won't leave the house without any makeup on...but for some reason I am getting better about it on Youtube...go figure!

This is a quick word to say first of all:
Congratulations to Brandy for Winning the Blog GIveaway!

Also a Congrats to Jennypoo who won on my Youtube channel for  the Chanel Glossimer Giveaway!

Beautiful Bianca won the IPOD Giveaway and Tommy Step had also won another one as well! Nisha and Misssandycandy have there beautiful hands on the NAKED2 palettes and Anniesplace is the WEN -Dirty Little Secrets WInner! I still have not chosen the Too Faced Eye Kit Winners and I am trying to figure out the "Bombshell Matchmaker" prizes! YOU ALL ARE INCREDIBLY SMART!

I have sooo many more Giveaways coming as well as some really fun looks! I have surgery coming up on my stomach to fix an injury I had gotten from a car accident.
I will be Bloggin/Vlogging that!

So before I jam...2 things FUnckyCHicken has sent back her prize and said she didn't want it as she thought the IPOD was a touch not a I need to figure that out also....BIG SAVINGS NEWS!

TODAY ONLY ON NEIMAN you can receive Gift cards for spending certain amounts...great part is that they have AMAZING sales! Check them wouldn't believe what I have opened in the mail and it was AMAZING on a very low budget!

Cant wait to catch up here are a few of the NEW Urban Decay colors and their NEW BUILD YOUR OWN PALETTE!XOXOXO SHeri