Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Just Playing around and ended up with this look!
I Really Don't Understand why I won't leave the house without any makeup on...but for some reason I am getting better about it on Youtube...go figure!

This is a quick word to say first of all:
Congratulations to Brandy for Winning the Blog GIveaway!

Also a Congrats to Jennypoo who won on my Youtube channel for  the Chanel Glossimer Giveaway!

Beautiful Bianca won the IPOD Giveaway and Tommy Step had also won another one as well! Nisha and Misssandycandy have there beautiful hands on the NAKED2 palettes and Anniesplace is the WEN -Dirty Little Secrets WInner! I still have not chosen the Too Faced Eye Kit Winners and I am trying to figure out the "Bombshell Matchmaker" prizes! YOU ALL ARE INCREDIBLY SMART!

I have sooo many more Giveaways coming as well as some really fun looks! I have surgery coming up on my stomach to fix an injury I had gotten from a car accident.
I will be Bloggin/Vlogging that!

So before I jam...2 things FUnckyCHicken has sent back her prize and said she didn't want it as she thought the IPOD was a touch not a shuffle...so I need to figure that out also....BIG SAVINGS NEWS!

TODAY ONLY ON NEIMAN MARCUS.com you can receive Gift cards for spending certain amounts...great part is that they have AMAZING sales! Check them out...you wouldn't believe what I have opened in the mail and it was AMAZING on a very low budget!

Cant wait to catch up here are a few of the NEW Urban Decay colors and their NEW BUILD YOUR OWN PALETTE!XOXOXO SHeri

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  1. Yay. So happy to win the giveaway.

    Check out my blog giveaways:(more giveaways to come)