Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"BOMBSHELL Mini Giveaway" Supplements & Short Cuts To a Beautiful Summer Glow

TOO FACED:Glamour To Go Palette

"Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" Giveaway

How do I Enter?..Subscribe to Blog & Youtube Leave a Comment  Saying you would like to join Beauty Bootcamp either under the original "Bootcamp" video or the "Bombshell Beauty Bootcamp" Updates Which will be up ASAP!

I will be picking the winner on Saturday June 2nd!

Some of my Favorite Supplements & Multi-Taskers


Hey Bombshells..You asked & here they are!

Who doesn't want a beautiful glow,sparkling white teeth & lashes that go on for days?

Here are some of the supplements I take on a daily basis...Each one compliments the other & my main goal was the delivery system! 

Bombshell Fact:Over 90% of the clogged sewer system are vitamins that never have dissolved so in other words you literally ummm...flushed your money down the drain!

I'm Not a doctor but i play one at home..4 mommies know what I mean!

Each Supplement has a different way of absorbing: Sublingual..aka under tongue and other that dissolve in the tummy & intestines. Also, some actually go through skin!

My Favorites are:

Viviscal Hair Vitamins..taken 2x a day This is to help nourish the hair as it grows

Andrew Lessman: Hair Skin Nails, Digest Assure,Green Tea

These products have Biotin..Digestive Enzymes..& delis Green Tea All are simply Amazing! The tea is never bitter & you can even use this as a toner..we will get to that next time...

Trivita:Vitamin B12 w/Ginseng: This goes under the tongue and is effective as the shots

Fish Oil:This is great for everything...heart ,brain..which helps replenish your brain with healthy fats..this has claims that go for days!

There you have it Beauties..a few of my Favorite Supplements 

Make Sure to Leave a Comment on what topics you want to chat about.. we are still getting things organized.. The "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" is not just about how we's about that & so much more!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" Revamps the Favorite Food my 90% of the public! Let's go to Papa Johns...& My Gluten Free gals...I got your back too!

Is This What Pizza looks like? Original Papa Johns..about 300 Cal. a Slice

"BOMBSHELL BOOTY Camp Pizza"about 150 cal . a slice 

I ordered 2 pizzas from Papa Johns & I will show you how easy it is to "Bombshell Blast" it into a feast made for a "Bombshell Beauty"! 

A BIG Thank you to Papa Johns for not going crazy on me while I was placing my order!

This is just a glimpse of How The "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" is about...basically taking everything we love and doing little tweaks to make it more heart & figure friendly! Best part about it...I do all the WORK for you!
I am posting a short video to compliment this post as well...not the best lighting but just a description of what I did to switch up & "Bombshell Blast" that pizza!

"PAPA Bombshell"Pizza...

Large Thin Crust Veggie lovers....extra veggies...I even added broccoli its really yummy!
Extra Sauce
Other half has Cheese ,veggies & Grilled Chicken

Grab a "Bombshell" Salad....Recipes for dressing to come & you just had a heart healthy, figure friendly pizza that is so delicious!
BTW...Papa Johns had a Special 2 pizzas $20 I LOVE DEALS!
Please leave a comment on topics you are interested in! Make sure to join my many Giveaways that never make it to YOUTUBE!


                It's Almost June...What does that mean?

                  "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" 

    Welcome to the 1st  Annual "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp"!

You are about to become part of the most fabulous group of men,women & kids that are wanting to become the best "Bombshell" they can be!

As I am in the middle of writing my first book,which is so fun & exciting I have had so many requests on fitness,summer nutrition ,snacks and NEW ideas to get healthy in every aspect of ourselves....which means inside and out!

My Approach to life in the beauty,fitness and nutrition department will most likely be things that you have never seen or heard before...that's what makes it FUN and keeps you into it! 

I could sit here all day & tell you to walk a mile and drink some water but REALLY is that what you want?

Let me just start this whole thing off with last nights dinner...I did about a 2 min. video on it but since I'm here why not show you what it's about!

So,my Beauties...Now that you see what is brewing I will go ahead and start the very first "Bombshell Beauty Booty Boot Camp" Entry...and then I will get into all the details in days to come...make sure you check out the next entry...a little taste of what this "Boot Camp" is all about!
Cheers & Have a Bombshell Beauty Booty Day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Am I Not a Good Blogger?

Don't you make my Brown Eyes Blue...

Why oh Why am I a "Bad Blogger"?

I make a promise all the time saying I will "blog" everyday...well then something happens and it just doesn't happen!

You Beauties deserve a Woman that stands by her word!

From now on .... I will be a better blogger by showing you pictures, swatches and Beauty Breakdowns and absolutely the BEST Discounts and unique designers! I feel like I have let my faithful beauties down and I am extremely sorry about that! 

Now, that I apologized! Lets get started on getting this Blog up and running again! 

Make sure you tell your fellow beauties as I am going to be posting book news, work out news and how to make you the BEST you for summer!

Tomorrows BLOG will be about getting the BEST SUMMER BODY The "Bombshell Beauty" way! 

And NO...It will not start off by saying...Drink 8 glasses of water.....That is so 5 minutes ago...LOL!
But YOu really should!