Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" Revamps the Favorite Food my 90% of the public! Let's go to Papa Johns...& My Gluten Free gals...I got your back too!

Is This What Pizza looks like? Original Papa Johns..about 300 Cal. a Slice

"BOMBSHELL BOOTY Camp Pizza"about 150 cal . a slice 

I ordered 2 pizzas from Papa Johns & I will show you how easy it is to "Bombshell Blast" it into a feast made for a "Bombshell Beauty"! 

A BIG Thank you to Papa Johns for not going crazy on me while I was placing my order!

This is just a glimpse of How The "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" is about...basically taking everything we love and doing little tweaks to make it more heart & figure friendly! Best part about it...I do all the WORK for you!
I am posting a short video to compliment this post as well...not the best lighting but just a description of what I did to switch up & "Bombshell Blast" that pizza!

"PAPA Bombshell"Pizza...

Large Thin Crust Veggie lovers....extra veggies...I even added broccoli its really yummy!
Extra Sauce
Other half has Cheese ,veggies & Grilled Chicken

Grab a "Bombshell" Salad....Recipes for dressing to come & you just had a heart healthy, figure friendly pizza that is so delicious!
BTW...Papa Johns had a Special 2 pizzas $20 I LOVE DEALS!
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  1. I love the tips and tricks you gave me on how to cut the cal.s on pizza. I will be doing this from now on. Cant wait for the salad dressing. I love basalmic vinager and oil. Something new is what I need. Lets shake up my eating habits and see what happens!~
    hugs and love