Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Am I Not a Good Blogger?

Don't you make my Brown Eyes Blue...

Why oh Why am I a "Bad Blogger"?

I make a promise all the time saying I will "blog" everyday...well then something happens and it just doesn't happen!

You Beauties deserve a Woman that stands by her word!

From now on .... I will be a better blogger by showing you pictures, swatches and Beauty Breakdowns and absolutely the BEST Discounts and unique designers! I feel like I have let my faithful beauties down and I am extremely sorry about that! 

Now, that I apologized! Lets get started on getting this Blog up and running again! 

Make sure you tell your fellow beauties as I am going to be posting book news, work out news and how to make you the BEST you for summer!

Tomorrows BLOG will be about getting the BEST SUMMER BODY The "Bombshell Beauty" way! 

And NO...It will not start off by saying...Drink 8 glasses of water.....That is so 5 minutes ago...LOL!
But YOu really should!