Wednesday, May 23, 2012


                It's Almost June...What does that mean?

                  "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp" 

    Welcome to the 1st  Annual "Bombshell Beauty Booty Bootcamp"!

You are about to become part of the most fabulous group of men,women & kids that are wanting to become the best "Bombshell" they can be!

As I am in the middle of writing my first book,which is so fun & exciting I have had so many requests on fitness,summer nutrition ,snacks and NEW ideas to get healthy in every aspect of ourselves....which means inside and out!

My Approach to life in the beauty,fitness and nutrition department will most likely be things that you have never seen or heard before...that's what makes it FUN and keeps you into it! 

I could sit here all day & tell you to walk a mile and drink some water but REALLY is that what you want?

Let me just start this whole thing off with last nights dinner...I did about a 2 min. video on it but since I'm here why not show you what it's about!

So,my Beauties...Now that you see what is brewing I will go ahead and start the very first "Bombshell Beauty Booty Boot Camp" Entry...and then I will get into all the details in days to come...make sure you check out the next entry...a little taste of what this "Boot Camp" is all about!
Cheers & Have a Bombshell Beauty Booty Day!

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  1. So excited cant weight, and I need help shedding these extra pounds I gained from the steroids they gave me. I miss the way I used to look. I dont conect with the women in the mirror now. Fingers crossed.
    hugs and love