Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Who's Not FEELING it? Im so sorry for not being around the last few days! Its been a crazy week & since I don't like excuses! BECAUSE you are so awesome Im extending this awesome giveaway!

Super Bummed I didn't get my reviews up as well! WATCH for it because they are Super Cool & its all for you Beauties! the journey is so Great!!! Thank you for all of your support & I will bring you all the love you deserve! Shortie Blog...the calm before the Greatness! xoxo

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hey Luvs! I have not forgotten about you! I'm beyond excited to give you the Loot of a Lifetime! BUT..Loot is NO FUN! Without the great stories to Back it up...

Of course my next video will be on point in the entertainment department! Im sorry its not up yet..I needed a tiny rest & my flipping egg camera was being a total BEYOTCH!

But no worries here in Crazy Sheri Land... It will be worth the wait! Im super excited to show you what has been Blooming in #FOODPORN & because you asked for it..LIVE streaming & Twitter! BUT...I do try to respond  do everything myself..yes with my 4 kiddos & keeping up with the recipes..staying on the POLE ..Fitness modeling &...whatever the Universe throws my way!  Please continue to check out my Youtube & Instagram it's so much fun to hear what you do! What you Love! Stay Strong...Stay Bombshell! More substance in the morning! Big Hugs! Sweet Dreams!

XOXO ,Sheri

Sunday, January 3, 2016


IT's Giveaway Time! I'm Super Excited TO HOST: THE FIRST EVER -2016 Insta-Family Giveaway!

The Best Thing About it is that of course it's FREE & if you are READING this then you are just about 90% done with entering! All I ask from you is to let me know what you would like to receive?

From Monday January 4th until January 11th I will post a few different pics on Instagram & of course I will add on Youtube..but I wanted to make it easy for you to see what I have going on with my SnapChat & Instagram... it makes it beyond fun & easy!  NOT JUST my brands of Merch...I have a billion & 1 things I Love & I will be sharing it with you! Theses 1005me doing this...NO FREEBIES I paid for everything..but some gems are part of my modeling & endorsements! Please FEEL FREE to Give me advice on how I can do things better! On my way to get busy..until I get all my crazy days started..Please tell all your Beautiful Bombshell friends about all the CRAZY we got going on! 

Just in case you want to see a Blast From the Past...Yummy Healthy Chicken wings! Woo Hoo! See ya Later Gators..GET READY FOR SOME SHOCKERS!

All my love in the WORLD to you! Always Believe in Your Dreams..& enjoy those adorable moments! Big Hugs! xoxo P.S. Yes..the Reviews are coming...I can't wait to show you the Fashions we found!

Friday, January 1, 2016



        IT's 2016 & I can't get over How FAST Time Goes BY!

Just a Quickie today to Let you know I LOVE YOU all so much! To put your life out there for people to rip on or Love you it's kinda crazy but I'm a CRAZY girl! So, what you see is what you get... that's why I hope to see a bundle of blogs,Youtube or whatever you can do to go out of your comfort zone... Im on my way to do that as well! But until then..which may be now?

OK, NO..but it will be very soon! I will soon be on Facebook & Im going to Twitter now...but Firstly here is a FUN & Yummy Recipe...SO FLIPPING YUMMY..It's Crazy...well Like Me..Yes..we already established this..lol Love & Light!