Sunday, January 3, 2016


IT's Giveaway Time! I'm Super Excited TO HOST: THE FIRST EVER -2016 Insta-Family Giveaway!

The Best Thing About it is that of course it's FREE & if you are READING this then you are just about 90% done with entering! All I ask from you is to let me know what you would like to receive?

From Monday January 4th until January 11th I will post a few different pics on Instagram & of course I will add on Youtube..but I wanted to make it easy for you to see what I have going on with my SnapChat & Instagram... it makes it beyond fun & easy!  NOT JUST my brands of Merch...I have a billion & 1 things I Love & I will be sharing it with you! Theses 1005me doing this...NO FREEBIES I paid for everything..but some gems are part of my modeling & endorsements! Please FEEL FREE to Give me advice on how I can do things better! On my way to get busy..until I get all my crazy days started..Please tell all your Beautiful Bombshell friends about all the CRAZY we got going on! 

Just in case you want to see a Blast From the Past...Yummy Healthy Chicken wings! Woo Hoo! See ya Later Gators..GET READY FOR SOME SHOCKERS!

All my love in the WORLD to you! Always Believe in Your Dreams..& enjoy those adorable moments! Big Hugs! xoxo P.S. Yes..the Reviews are coming...I can't wait to show you the Fashions we found!

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