Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hey Luvs! I have not forgotten about you! I'm beyond excited to give you the Loot of a Lifetime! BUT..Loot is NO FUN! Without the great stories to Back it up...

Of course my next video will be on point in the entertainment department! Im sorry its not up yet..I needed a tiny rest & my flipping egg camera was being a total BEYOTCH!

But no worries here in Crazy Sheri Land... It will be worth the wait! Im super excited to show you what has been Blooming in #FOODPORN & because you asked for it..LIVE streaming & Twitter! BUT...I do try to respond  do everything myself..yes with my 4 kiddos & keeping up with the recipes..staying on the POLE ..Fitness modeling &...whatever the Universe throws my way!  Please continue to check out my Youtube & Instagram it's so much fun to hear what you do! What you Love! Stay Strong...Stay Bombshell! More substance in the morning! Big Hugs! Sweet Dreams!

XOXO ,Sheri

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