Friday, February 10, 2012


Beach Waves Done with The Sultra Flat Iron

I Absolutely Love playing with hair styles...But I Don't have a ton of time to spend on my hair! Homeschooling 4 kiddos is a ton of work so most of the time I have to organize what I will be doing with my hair on a calendar...that may sound crazy but having very long,thick, bleached hair I have to do so...I must say that I am always so excited with what my hair does with my Sultra Flat gives the perfect I thought! 
I just tried the "BEACHWAVER" by Sarah Potempa and I am in love! It literally looked exactly like the BRAVO Orange County "Real Housewives" Curls that every body is trying to create. Check out my short Youtube video to see how this "Beachwaver" works! Simply Amazing!
I bought mine from QVC and they have a Great Price plus a great Return policy!

I will be back with my whole skin care routine and all my favorite products...I am doing a few hauls and favorite videos for you coming up!
Thank you for all your sweet comments and remember we have a Blog only Giveaway! I also have another surprise coming up soon as well!
Have a Bombshell Day Beauties!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Favorites...Makeup, Skincare, and of course Hair!

Come check out my Youtube tutorials! This "Real Housewife" Of Bling World is answering your questions! I can't wait ! You all have ben so sweet and adorable and I can't wait for all of us to get to know each other! SO Ask away...and I have a couple for you to answer as well! Just check out some of the New you tube places I will be taking you along plus the yummy recipes!
Wonka is coming up tonight! Yay!

Take care Beauties!  xoxoxo Sheri

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Real Housewife"Moments and Beautiful Red Lips

NARS and Loreal Beyonce Red
When it comes to red lips, I am out of my comfort zone! Not only is it hard to find a great color but it can make a mess if you don't apply it right! I even feel like a simple red lipgloss has to be chased carefully! But then I was checking out all the products up and down the aisles at Walgreens and found this pretty color that is suppose to stay on...last thing I need is red in my hair and teeth! Well, I have to say that i found a red I like! I actually wore this out for the day and everyone that normally sees me in ink was very surprised as I always bad I look in red.Now, I think that this combo is great and was not very expensive! I am really hoping this inspires all the beauties to go out of their comfort zone and try a color that yo might not normally might be surprised!
"Real Housewife"Moments LAUNCH
IT IS OFFICIAL! I have had so many requests that the "Real Housewife"Moment videos are here to stay! How fun is this!I Love showing you what I do throughout the day and answering your questions! You have all been darling so I have already have some things up my sleeves...make sure you let me know in the video or Blog comments what you are into seeing...hauls, recipes,bargains...yay! saving money!
In the meantime...Check out and they are having AMAZING sales! I will do a blog soon that will give you the websites I shop at, so you will be notified of the sales! Of court I do have my AMAZING Personal shoppers that are more than willing to ship you out anything you would like for free!Have a great Day Beauties! XOXOXO SHeri

Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok...Now I just recently found out you can leave comments for blogs...I really need your help girls! Thank you for helping me slide into the Blog world! I promise I will do my very best to bring you some great information! One thing I forgot and this does pertain to beauty! Make sure you all enter the Destination Beauty contest on L'oreal channel! You are all so beautiful and I would love to see your videos up there. I entered a few and saw 2 of mine the other day...they might not be on there anymore..I have no idea!
I will for sure be announcing the Youtube Giveaway today! I am posting Daffodilbaby's video first! Her stuff is way too cute!


Bailey & Bradley
I have been incredibly busy with a ton of preparations with my surgery which is now on March 5th! I am doing these Giveaways but I feel so guilty that my Youtubers don't even know about it..I did send a mini video to tell them to check out the are not only Beautiful but ya got brains too! Just put a a quick video of my visit with can see he is quite the ladies man! Make sure if you are looking for shoes...check out shoe of the day! I have an official shoe man now that is absolutely fantastic! Hopefully I will see ya on the tube! xoxoxo Sheri
Don't worry she is laughing!