Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lost But Not Forgotten ...Urban Decay Palettes

What in the World Happened to all of the Urban Decay Palettes?

Book of Shadows 4

     My Next Makeup Look I vow not to use my "Build Your Own" or "NAKED" Palettes!

I can remember when all we did was wait for Thursdays to come to see the latest MAC collection....
MAC was the end all be all and then came new brands that opened up this amazing  craft of painting on faces to change the way we look!

I love so many brands from CHANEL to Cover Girl that I have somehow have a LANDFILL of makeup! I promise myself I will go on a No know what I am talking lasts until you read your email...and see the latest at Sephora! 
It is amazing how all the trends go...from bold to natural to put makeup on to look like you don't have any on...never makes sense!
Yes, it does! I look at makeup as my time to be any kind of artist...although I am a perfectionist ...I have learned that it is ok to have sisters and not twins and to use bold colors but also be kind to out neutrals! 
I have had recently hit a huge "video block"where I don't like any thing I have taped..and now i realize makeup is fun and it is time to show you more fun!

I have over 1000 subbies now...a HUGE Giveaway and now I need to step it up and show you why you stumbled on over to me! It may have just been for a giveaway...but to me that is why I like to do them to introduce myself to more gurus!

I have decided to add in another PRIZE!
Congratulations to FLORAL and Bows! You are the owner of  The URBAN DECAY 24/7 Pencil  Palette & a $20 Gift card!

I love doing surprise Giveaways! 
I will be announcing the WINNERS of my 1000 Subbie Giveaway on May 1st!
See ya all tomorrow! Pull out those palettes...they need our LOVE too!


  1. Congrats Floral and Bows. I got my package and loved it. Thank you Sheri!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Congrats on receiving your package<3 (: She's been so sweet to all of us ^^

  2. Hey Sheri.
    What did i say?
    All i keep saying before you messaged me was that i hope you recover asap; I know that you're in pain that's why i said that; When your down bar said "who knew coughing could hurt this bad" It makes me feel really bad since we care about you so much;I was just wishing that you'll heal quickly. Can you tell me what happened that made me sound so "rude?"

  3. Hey Sheri! Love you! xoxo Sam