Monday, January 2, 2012


Different Hello Kitty Bows and Sprinkle Cupcake Hearts

I have been making jewelry for years now! I love how you can take crazy things like candy or dice and make fun designs out of them!
I have so many different styles that I don't even know how to present them! Here is a few styles that I feel like are perfected enough for my Beauty family! The newest designs are shown in my latest Youtube video I am a little iffy on them as the shape makes it a little difficult to make sure the ring backs stay on! YOU ALL DESERVE PERFECTION! 
I do have an ebay account with my rings listed...I thought it would be fun just to do a little Blog Only Giveaway!
For the first 10 Beauties that sign up for my BLog I will send you a ring of your choice! There is a catch though! You have to promise to be my official Bling Ring critics and give me ideas on how I can make them better! If you are interested please let me know!
Hot RED Lips and CHANEL inspired design

Dice and Candy Sprinkles with Genuine Crystals

Hello Kitty Colorful Faces


  1. Hey Sheri :)
    I absolutely adore your jewelry!! All your Hello Kitty pieces are my ultimate weakness <3 They are super cute and really well made! My sister and I love love love your Tokidoki(lunchbox) inspired jewelry pieces that you showed us in your last video, they are definitely our favorites at the moment!!
    I would love it you could make a video showing us all your designs of rings, earrings and necklaces!! That would be so amazing as well as advertising your stuff and bringing awareness to them :)
    I think 3D strawberry or cherry rings would be really cute and you could fill them with red glitter just like you did with the lips!! <3
    My sister and I will put our heads together for more designs and I'll let you know :) Keep up with the hard work Sheri :) I love your Youtube channel and I adore the 2 part video you posted yesterday! :) I really want to try it out!! I'm also interested in the samples but let me know if I stay too far from you to qualify. :)
    Much love and take care,

  2. Love the hello kitty and chanel design. So cute!!

  3. OMG that candy sprinkles bow is so freakin cute and I love the hello kitty bow rings.

  4. Awesome! Definitely interested in them! Would love to share on my blog and help spread the word!