Sunday, January 22, 2012

CANDY That Has More Moments on your LIPS! NOT On Your Hips!

Some of the CAndy Options we Found
Candy...The Fifth Food Group!
It is definitely MY favorite a it sounds better if we just make it a food group!
BUT...I Love my Chocolate so much I have created a ton of recipes that are so amazing that I myself still can't believe it is possible to have some of these new additions or shall I say"twists" on some of our favorite candy bars growing up.

Now, there are a few rules that we stuck by when it came to these candy bars. They had to be a nice size...not 2 bites and then you are sniffing around for more, they really had to be a decent amount for the calories or forget about it....

Out TOP 10 ARE:
10:Tootsie Rolls...14 calories each for the you can can each quite a few as long as your dental work will allow it.
9:Air Heads...Only 50 calories for 1 strip...brusha brusha brusha
8:Skittles...Are great because they are tiny and with 42 as a 200 calorie serving...not too bad
7:Snickers to Go...These are HUGE Snickers bars that come 2 to a pack they tell you to eat one for 210 calories and twist the bag up and eat the rest later. if you have will power..sure
6:M&Ms Pretzels...With a whole bag at 150 calories that is half of a DingDong
5:YORK Peppermint Patty...140 for whole bar! Now that is beyond Peppelicious!
4:3 Musketeers Coconut...180 for this little yumster much better than the original.
3: Werthers Originals...30 calories per piece but they last not crunch your teeth may break
2: Chocolate Covered Strawberries...May not be a candy bar but these little puppies are great...just take some Hershey Dark syrup and dip a few berries! They Fiber almost knocks all those calories out!
1:Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans...For 180 calories you get 20 of these little fellas and ya...they are the BOMB!
Hope you like our picks! We have some yummy recipes coming soon!
MONEY TIP: MARS/DOVE are on sale 59 cents a walgreens

My Family Couldn't Wait Until we filmed our You Tube for this 

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