Saturday, November 3, 2012


Pretty Toes! Hello Kitty & jewels to boot!

I am so excited! How many times have I said that one?LOL! By Request I am doing a mini Blog! THis is where I will tell you about my day! We all have those days...

I was planning on waring my toenails shown up there but it's rainy men outside! SO Rain boots it is! I am all snuggled in cozy...with my 2 Bombshell shirts on! Yes, I do own other brands but hey I love what I love! Bailey my 8 year old has a practice Gymnastics meet, Lindsey my oldest may have to have her 2nd surgery on her elbow so she is doing practice without using any arms!

Brandon went to soccer...of course today and Bradley just wasn't in the mood! As for me...still doing the moving and organizing on top of doing some major events! 

Thank you to all that have been with me throughout the last year! THings are crazy but fun! Now I need to somehow put all this energy into a focus area!lol Me Focus...Now that wouldn't be fun!

CONGRATS TO Sherry who WON the NAKED2 Palette!

Just started a new series of videos called the 7 days of Giving! That's a hint... check em out! xoxo 


Is that your makeup?

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