Thursday, September 4, 2014

The BIG WORD everyone LOVES :FREE!

It really doesn't matter what it is...the word FREE is like you have found the "POT of GOLD" at the end of the Rainbow!


I want to do a mini set up for Giveaways...I will always HOST them here but will be in Youtube:Sheri Morgan Instagram:SheriMorgan100 & Twitter:SheriMorgan3.

RULES for all:Please subscribe,ONLY if you really like the channel & me of course if Not watch videos that you LOVE! Thumbs up on videos,Share them please,the more things we check out the more WE WILL LOVE & IT POURS OUT...Into all areas of our lives! Lastly..Please LEAVE a Comment in the box below & know that I will always take care of you!

OUT with the Old...IN WITH THE NEW! WE have Giveaways Galore right now!  These re the Giveaways for the week:

LAST YEAR WE TRIED DOING A MUSIC VIDEO for Bombshell...But This time its going to work! Check out the song & Think about ...What would Be AMAZINGf What should be going on in the video? This is a BIG Kahuna so the stakes are high!

I will be putting a video up about it..BUTIf you want to be one of the first to start putting some ideas down that would be great! Also...FEEDBACK is HUGE for me! 

So, Let's get this Video going on! There will be all kinds of things to she too confident? ummm... NO! This is about making your dreams into reality!  Let's get this going on...Step one check out the song...It's can listen to a sample on iTunes:Call Me Bombshell by:Sheri Morgan...

If the link by chance does not work Please hop on over to or iTunes..listen for free & let me know all the details!

They Call Me Bombshell Hit Jam

There are several mini-giveaways in this baby...and also a HUGE Giveaway at the end!

So...Let's spin the wheels...I will post the first video on it very soon!

First step:Where should it be located & what is it about?...In other words are we showing everyone several aspects on being a Bombshell ?

Every week we will choose what it's all about! Please share with your friends! Remember you get FREE things for your beautiful minds!

Remember...We are Launching all the NEW products

Who wants a lipgloss named after them? Let me know what you think about that!

See ya tomorrow! xoxo Sheri


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