Monday, September 8, 2014

BIG NEWS! "Bombshell TV " ! Home of The "NO WORRIES" Lifestyle!

That's Right Bombshells...We are Hitting "Home Runs" with The Official "NO WORRIES" Lifestyle

Scouty :The Bombshell" Guinea Pig

 It's Bombshell TV....On Youtube!

Yes..In the past well, everyday I make a video & hopefully I scheduled correctly! 

If Not ..Dont you worry Bombshell's!

I'M on the path of showing you how myself & my Beautiful "Beauties"turned the "FROWN...Upside Down"! 

My Channel at Youtube has a bundle of info. but NOT ENOUGH! I need you to look around at :Instagram:SheriMorgan100 Twitter:SheriMorgan3 has had a rough time getting up but will very soon! BUT... I need your help! Please name these for me: These Shimmer Gorgeous  Lip dolls...Need Names! I will have the video coming in on this contest! No Time Like Now!

Facebook:Sheri Morgan

 Lip Dolls...Cult Following Gloss!

Think about it...Are you a shimmer sweet kiss gal or boy..or..Story will continue tomorrow!

BTW...These are on Prelaunch Pricing $17 or 2 for $25 
If you already have your eyes on AMAZING lips message me and I will and invoice! xoxo Sheri
Lip Dolls

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