Monday, September 1, 2014


Happy BOMBSHELL Day! It May Be the end of Summer on the calendar our Weather says "Girls & Boys it's still HOT & Bikini Season"!

Me at the Beach in August 2014

In the past I have tried to "Rally" up a group of "Beauties"for us to support each other to keep us feeling amazing &doing what it takes to be that way!

Here we are in 2014 & I made the decision to share my "NO WORRIES" Lifestyle to the world!

It's Fun..Doable for Everyone..& It's FREE! 

In fact I'm Here to motivate & always do FUN Giveaways! 

Im on my way to a Soccer game...But I want to show you one of my Halloween Costumes..This is why I always say "Everyday is bikini Day"

Halloween 2012 Little Bombshell  Peep

Are you Ready for the "Bombshell NO WORRIES LIFESTYLE"?

In a Nutshell..It is all about how you feel about yourself! 

Check out my video on Happiness & what makes you happy! My Lifestyle is all about "positive energy"! Only YOU can create your world! 

This week is about "training" your brain into shifting from any negative thoughts to positive! Do it NOW! Share it to everyone you know! It breeds like guinea pigs! 

LESSON 1: Change your mind..Change your life! 

ALL Love to you Beauties! 

See you tomorrow! 


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