Saturday, March 7, 2015


SO MANY SQUATS SO LITTLE TIME! What can help a missing video? SNAPCHAT!!!

I didn't really get into until...Lindsey told me all about it! 

SO, if you want more Bombshell Fun...Like who wouldn't Join me:SheriMorgan100 on SNAPCHAT!

Here we are in a FUN PINUP like Photoshoot at :MissConstruedBoutique,Gallery & Spa Salon! Located in Phoenix AZ ..if you are in the mood for HOT fashions and fun brands you must check it out!

KEEP DOING YOUR SQUATS! You are on day 7 Which means you should be at 35..make sure to try the variations! Now..the new Products are selling out ..No worries just makes yours even FRESHER! 

All Love to you! xoxo Sheri & lin-Z

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