Saturday, January 7, 2017


BEFORE WE BEGIN... I Will Be at the LA convention Center on Sunday January 8th 2017 for the AWESOME FitExpo!! 

Check out her AMAZING IG & FACEBOOK: Polefitpeaches ! Thank you for being you!

Make sure to Come by the :Cute Booty Lounge Booth...I can't wait to be there for my 2nd FitExpo with Kelly & Team Booty!!!

Yep..Your Girl is doing 100 Days of Show How we Create our OWN HAPPINESS ! Ive Been Bullied by my Don't HATE me Cause I'm just going to Keep on Being Happy!

I have a Great Story ...TOns of Pics..Lookbooks..Twerkout..I LOVE THIS Brand!!!

In this Little Blog ..I Must Do my : OFFICIAL Inspiration of The Day! Thank you to my Beautiful Friend & Pole Angel..Miss Polefitpeeches..aka The Beautiful Erika! She is so much FUN & MAKES Me stick to the Rules in Every way imaginable! Thank you Erika!!! You Mean the WORLD to Me! 

Gotta Jet... But Please Know I have NEW YOUTUBE videos..My IG:SheriMorgan100 & Snapchat:SHeriMorgan100

Always Loving Requests!... and I have a few HUGE Giveaways! I am Currently Looking for Awesome places to do pole..Twerk..Hop-Hop & of course the Crazier the Better! If you request..I most likely do! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TIME & Your LOVE! 

HAVE a Special Friend that you know is AWESME? Lets SHOUTOUT TO THEM!!!! Just let me know!!!!

XOXO to you Beautiful Babydolls!!!!!

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