Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day Of the DEAD! Introducing; Bombshell"Diva'Licious

Introducing Bombshell"Diva"Licious!

I.C. Ded Peeples Travel Tumbler by Kim Kirkpatrick II

So Much is Going on here in Bombshell County!

This Beautiful Youtube Queen is Super Excited to Sing & Be her Stunning Self...She is very Down to Earth...No Pun and the love for herself is  RADIATING!

Miss Diva Only comes out for ;The Day of Dead...THis is not Halloween...Quite the opposite...this is a special Holiday that brings out the Best of the Best is Skeleton artistry...of course that is the makeup design side this Holiday is Celebrating the Love for the dead family in a person form but the SPIRIT Lives on!

Enjoy Your day & make sure to come back to see all that is going on here in the Bombshell Closet!xoxo

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