Friday, October 24, 2014

WIGS WIGS WIGS! SUPER EASY & FUN WIGS & Costumes Gone Crazy!!!

Better Than Barbie Snapback

Hey Beautiful Bombshells!I have missed you all so much!

Going through some interesting times has caused things to go a little "Wackadoodle" but Im back and in OFFICIAL FULL EFFECT!

I had another GLITCH in the Bombshell Closet and I promised my Beauties that I would find a way to get all orders out to you..and I think we were successful! YAY US!

SO NOW WHAT? It's Halloween and I have some fun costumes I whipped up but I would LOVE for you to choose what you think would be the Best!

I have some costume videos that I thought you may like to see...But also I would be HONORED if you would pick one out for me!

The BEST part is EVERYONE that submits a "Sweet or Spicy" Costume idea gets a "Bombshell Gift"!

So..RUN over and give me some ideas! These WIGS,Snap backs, lashes & Spirit Hoods take about 2 minutes to throw on & RUN  to your Harvest Festival or Halloween Party!


Go On over to Youtube...Sub PLEASE Like Thumbs up,Leave your ideas in the comments! I will pick the top 2 GREATEST ideas that I can put together any which way you want to see!

IF You are the Contest winner...You will receive a Gift card to use in anything from The Bombshell Closet a $50 gift card!

I just uploaded all the products to choose from & more! Just get those thinking caps on and go for it!

As always before I bail out...Please let me know what you want to see and any ideas and comments are welcome! Costumes will be popping like popcorn!!!! Xoxo Sheri


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