Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I Feel So Bad..Yet SO GOOD!

I have said so many times how I was going to do this..Do that...& at the time..i really thought this is the time I was going to stay true to what I put out there..but what is it? Where is it?

Well..I think I finally get IT! It's a True heart & Pure Non-judgemetal Love for everyone & everything! I always have had it in me...but I feel like I get it ! I really get it NOW!

I will be blogging everyday..trying to do my Youtube videos as much as possible but blogging is a No Brainer that is so cool! Why?

As I get older I see a lot of my parents ideas pop into my I played house me some AWESOME BABIES..I LOVE them to pieces! I ask them to blog now as it is really interesting to see from your own eyes & heart what you were authentically thinking! So .. even though each drywall be about off the wall, BEAUTY or even just a moment to watch the stars on a Beautiful night! Remember...just because we have computers..a POST-it & a Sharpie...or my Favorite a "Highlighter..Highlighter" works wonders!

Here are my thoughts a few days ago... a Youtube about Just "Sheri Morgan" stuff! Please email me or get ahold of me if you have suggestions for topics,reviews,workouts & of course GREEN FOOD! Love & Light! 

xoxo Sheri P.S. I'm sorry if I have seen a fake or phony... 

Only Love & Light! Mother Teresa says it BEST!

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