Friday, May 15, 2015

HUGE BLOG SALE!!! The Bombshell Closet Brands & YourFavorites from MAC Chanel Urban Decay!

IT'S TIME TO BE GONE WITH A TON of PRODUCTS! Right Now I'm Putting together a Blog Sale! BUT...They are time consuming so I will be using my Blog &

Dr.Perricone Blue PlasmaNEW in box


Both are brand new& description is 100% accurate! Im selling all BRANDS NEW & Gently used! Product pricing is right there! No substitutions & They are sold AS IS! Shipping is based on size! Like any skincare boxed items..$11 flat rate priority mail sent as soon as payment is received! Small ship is $6.If you buy over $50 or combo I WILL OFFER FREE SHIPPING! These are example products! The Perricone above is BRAND NEW in Box FRESH! $60, Any brand other than Bombshell or Sheri Morgan will be here until I go to Ebay with it. My brands are going to be sold here,my website & a few other sites. I do have all my products in real stores but if you want a deal...HERE IT IS! PLEASE ASLK QUESTIONS!!!! Here come the Products! I will be using :SheriMorgan100 on Instagram..Pics will be there too! Love you all! Enjoy this! LOTS OF FUN THINGS! THANK YOU ...You are all Beautiful Bombshells!

Youtube:Sheri Morgan

Bombshell Beauty by Sheri Morgan Sunlight Highlighter $13 Brand new

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